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LPG filling stations

Through out Europe there are  4 types of LPG filling adapters in use. 3 for cars and 1 for boats.

type 1:
Spain adapter (bayonet): left
type 2:
Euro adapter (screw): middle left
type 3:
Italy adapter(cup): middle right
type 4:
UK boat adapter: right


LPG filling stations in Europe

Austria  type: 3 
Belgium type: 2
France type: 3
Germany type: 2
Greece type: 3
Holland type 1   over 2000 LPG stations (not listed)
Ireland type: 2
Kroatia type: 2
Luxemburg type: 2,(1)
Poland type: 3
Portugal type: 3
Slovenia type: 3
Spain type 1 (60mm!!!)l, (3) Not for private car use.
Sweden type: 3
Switzerland type: 2,(3)
U.K. type: 1,(2)

Click on the name of the country for a list of filling stations.

(The given type is the most common used in the particular country)