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This is a very nice example of a Land Rover Discovery upgraded by Overfinch.
A tuned 5.7 L. V8 GM  engine was installed in this  Discovery.
The V8 MPI engine delivers 330 bhp, which makes this Discovery one of the fastest 4 x 4 cars on the road.
Two 40 litres LPG tanks were installed under the sills of the car.
This in combination with the side steps makes the tanks invisible.

The Tsunami II LPG system in the high performance version is capable of  delivering the necessary amount of LPG all over the power range.

Car                  : Overfich Land Rover Discovery
Engine            : 5.7 L V8 MPI
Power             : 330 bhp
Gearbox         : 4 speed auto
Year of make : 2001
LPG system   : Tsunami II