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Range Rover 3.5 V8 EFI Petrol - LPG

This graphic shows the performance of :

Car: Range Rover
Engine:3.5 L. V8 EFI
Gearbox: auto
Ignition: standard
Year of make: 1989
Mixer size: 40MM and 50MM with TAP

This graphic shows the differences between a very good  LPG system with a 40mm mixer and a superb LPG system with a 50mm mixer and TAP. The power loss of the LPG system with the 40mm mixer  is appr. 6%.
This superb LPG system with the 50mm mixer and the TAP is able to give you the same power or more power on LPG as an petrol.

For more information look also at the Range Rover 4.6 with the 50 mm mixer and TAP.