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Range Rover 3.5 V8 carb Petrol - LPG

This graphic shows the performance of :

Car: Range Rover
Engine:3.5L V8 carb.
Gearbox: manual
Ignition: standard
Year of make: 1987
Mixer size: 2 x 35MM and 2x28MM

This graphic shows the power of a Range Rover on petrol and 2 differenced LPG systems.
- The orange line shows the power on petrol.
- The purple line shows the power of a common LPG system with 2x28mm mixers installed.
The power loss on the 28mm LPG system is appr.20%.
-The yellow line shows the power loss of an LPG system with 2x35mm mixers installed.

The 35mm LPG systems gives appr. 14% more power than the 28mm system!!
Some LPG systems with 26mm mixers might reduce the power up to 30%.

For maximum power on LPG and petrol we install big mixers.

If you want to get more power and / or less fuel consumption you might consider installing a Timing Advance Processor.
The TAP will give you app. 6% more power or less fuel consumption.
(See the TAP and test TAP.)