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Iwema Enterprise is proud to offer her customers the latest book in the range "LPG DUAL FUEL CONVERSIONS FOR AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES .
(ISBN 907808529)

This book: "LPG dual fuel conversions for automotive engines VOL. II" gives you information about LPG systems for high performance engines.
Because not many manufacturers of European LPG systems are able to make a suitable system for high performance engines the book does not cover these systems directly.

Together with the book: "LPG dual fuel conversions for automotive engines VOL. I" this book gives you the additional information to judge for yourself, if a European LPG system might be suitable for a more powerful engine.

This book is written to give you inside information about high performance American LPG systems and explains which American systems aren't suitable for powerful engines.
To help you to determinate what mixer type and mixer size is suitable for your engine, some simple formulas are included.
This book is written for (future) users, professional installers and DIY-ers.


In short the book covers:
  • Description of components
  • Explaining American LPG systems
  • A list of filling adapters used in Europe
  • Lambda control box
  • Installing components
  • Electricity
  • Tuning
  • Problem-solving
  • Filling the tank
  • Common made mistakes
  • Gas-tight connections
  • Overhaul MED-solenoid

The book is distributed worldwide by IWEMA enterprise and by our local importers.