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IWEMA enterpriseis a wholesaler/ manufacturer of LPG equipment. We supply LPG equipment for virtual every car and boat ranging from brand new to classic. Our customers are dealers/ importers and installers of LPG systems in Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands and UK. 

Our broad range of products makes it possible to compose the most suitable system: not only do we use standard available components, we also develop parts and systems to make sure your system gets the highest quality and performance. 






We supply :

AEB, AG, BK, Bedini, BOREG, Biagiotti, BRC, Century, Digiteck, Emmegas,  Impco, Koltec, Korgas, Landi Hartog,  Solex, Lovato, Necam,  Marini, MED, ML, M&M, Necam, OHG, Olympia, OMVL, Poliauto,   RenzoLandi, Romana, Tartarini, Vitaltronic, V&R, WvM, etc, etc.