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Iwema Enterprise is proud to present the new designed High Performance arm for the Tornado LPG system.
The system is designed to be used with IMPCO and OHG (M&M) parts.
Until yet we were only able to offer the Tornado LPG system as a "bold on top" configuration or as a system with our "standard arm".

- The bold on top system was superior to the arm system because the adapter gives virtual no additional resistance to the intake system.

- The arm system provided the advantage of bringing the mixer in a position along site the carburettor.

(Photo on the left:
The new HP 450 arm
polished version.)

 By using the arm you can install the Tornado mixer in an engine bay where there is virtual no space or height.

The only disadvantage of the standard arm was the reduced air flow on powerful engines.

The reduced air flow wasn't effecting engines up to 200 bhp.
But the more powerful engines, 250 bhp and higher, lost in some cases too much power.
For this reason Iwema Enterprise designed a totally new High Performance arm for the Tornado 450 mixer.

(Photo on the right:
left: new HP 450 arm,
on the right: std. 450 arm.)

We were able to design the High Performance arm in such a way that it can be used as a substitute for the standard arm on all engines.

The biggest differences are:

- The air flow of the High Performance arm for the Tornado has increased with 33.3% compared with our standard arm.
- More adjustable to the actual space between the top of the carb/throttle body and the engine cover.

(Photo on the left:
the new HP 450 arm with additional adapters. The black vacuum container for opening the mixer when running on petrol.)

These 2 advantages together will give your engine the maximum possible power output.

The 450 std is still available for upgrading an existing IMPCO 300 system.

More information:   TORNADO or TORNADO 450 or LPG Systems or Range Rover off roader or Range Rover 5.0L Overfinch .